FreedHearts Beloved Adventures!

The 21-Day MamaBear Journey!

You cared for your child, you cared for your family, let us care for your heart. You deserve it.

Wherever you are on your journey as the parent of an LGBTQ+ child, this Beloved Adventure is for you. It will help you know - maybe for the first time, maybe a much-needed reminder - just how beloved you and your child are.

Join Susan for this very special journey!

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A 21-Day Adventure to Free Your Heart! 

Free Your Heart and Transform Your Internal Conversation! 

Our core, original Beloved Adventure! Imagine hearing from Susan, watching while sipping a cup of tea, and unpacking trauma and deep-rooted issues. You are safe. You are loved.

21 days to help free your heart. Beloved, you deserve it. 

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Radically Included: The Biblical Case for Lavish Love & Inclusion!

Change Your Life, Change Your Love, and Set Your Heart Free! 

Susan provides a concise rebuke of the 7 "clobber" passages, and then multiplies 7 x 7 to bring 49 passages about the heart of God, the core of the gospel. In this powerful course, we explore how we are to respond both to the Bible and to the call to be Jesus in the world.


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The LGBTQ Course!

Mending religious, family & community wounds.

This comprehensive, life-changing course will help LGBTQ+ people bridge gaps, restore relationships, and learn how to celebrate the truth and beauty of their genuine self. Learn how to restore and affirm yourself as an LGBTQ+ person, and free your heart to love and be loved!

Baby, you deserve it!


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The Parents Course!

Affirm your child & strengthen your faith in the process! 

When your child comes out, how you respond may have a lot to do with your faith.This course helps you respond with love and affirmation during a vulnerable time. With practical advice & heartfelt encouragement, Susan guides you through any fear & uncertainty you may have. You are not alone.


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A 21-Day Journey

Beyond Dysfunction!

In Our Family, Our Community, and Our Faith

A powerful, freeing journey to understand & unravel dysfunction, and the impact it has in our life. Featuring Susan’s authentic style, beautiful heart, and loving wisdom.

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The 25-Day Wizarding Beloved Adventure! 

Reclaim the Harry Potter You Love! 

Together, we'll visit the beautiful things we loved from the books & movies - and hidden treasures we may not have seen before. And we'll see how it applies in the world today. It is so powerful! Beloved, these are OUR stories! We won't let anything steal them from us.

Join me and you'll even create some charms, and meet your own Patronus! 

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Remember, you always choose your own price! 

You pick what you can afford to pay.

We never want finances to be a hurdle, so we offer flexible pricing on our Beloved Adventures!

Regardless of the price, you will receive the identical program and resources. 

If you need to pick a lower price, please do. If you cannot afford the lowest price, reach out to us. When you pay a higher price, you help further our ongoing work.