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I thought the church was fairly inclusive—after all, Jesus is totally inclusive! But when our daughter came out, we found out, it’s not! I’m talking about the nonaffirming church. I saw people being badly hurt, shamed, rejected, thrown out of homes and churches—becoming homeless, depressed, addicted, committing suicide—and I knew that the church has no right to do treat people this way.

I doubt I’m sharing any breaking news with you to tell you that many nonaffirming Christians marginalize, oppress, and exclude LGBTQ+ people—and even their families—based on just 6 or 7 wrongly interpreted, falsely taught passages in Scripture.

Well, in this Beloved Adventure, I do a concise rebuke of those "clobber" passages, and I multiply 7x7 to bring you 49 passages that talk about the very heart of God, the core message of the gospel, which is inclusion.

To use any verse as a weapon is an abuse of the Bible… and an abuse of power. The Bible contains hundreds of passages that require love, justice, mercy, hope, encouragement, and trust in God! This Adventure explores 49 of those passages to get at the heart of the gospel and the heart of how we are to respond both to the Bible and to the call to be Jesus in the world.

49 passages that will change your life, and set your heart free. Join me today!

10 powerful video sessions with Susan!

  • Biblical Evidence for Full Inclusion

  • Love. Period. God's Love for People

  • People's Love for God. People's Love for People.

  • Love in Community, Part I

  • Love in Community, Part II

  • Love Without Fear, Part I

  • Love Without Fear, Part II

  • The Clobber Passages: A Catch-22, Old Testament

  • The Clobber Passages: A Catch-22, New Testament

  • Let Love Set Your Heart Free

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