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When your child come out, how you respond may have a lot to do with your faith. “Doesn’t the Bible say that’s wrong?” "Will we have to leave our church?” Worst of all, you may wonder, “Do I have to choose between my faith and my child?”

Susan Cottrell is a mom who has been there and wants you to know that loving and accepting your LGBTQ child does not mean abandoning or even compromising your faith.

This comprehensive course answers the tough questions and addresses the core issues. It will help you respond with love and support during this vulnerable time for your child. With practical advice and heartfelt encouragement, Susan guides you through the fear and uncertainty Christian parents of LGBTQ children often feel.

This course will help you understand your LGBTQ child, keep your child safe and your family strong, and strengthen your faith in the process. You are not alone.

“My church told me to reject and separate myself from my gay daughter. This course helped me see how wrong they were and how God loves my child as she is! Susan, you saved her life, you saved our family!” - Amy

“I felt so alone and confused. My head was spinning with questions. You helped bring clarity, peace and joy to all of our lives. My relationship with, and love for my child, God, has never been as deep, rich and satisfying as it is now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Kim

"This book will help any parent who is confused, hurt, afraid, angered, or surprised by their child's coming out. Writing with compassion, wit, and wisdom, Cottrell strikes the perfect balance between sharing her own stmy and offering gentle guidance so that the reader can navigate on their own. In an age where we are all adjusting to changing understandings of sea1ality, this book will be invaluable to those who want to fully know and affirm all the children they love."  - Cynthia Rigby, W.C. Brown Professor of Theology, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary 

Includes a free PDF copy of Susan's classic, bestselling book, "Mom, I'm Gay." 

Also included is a discussion study guide ideal for groups. 

12 powerful video sessions with Susan!

  • My Journey: From Evangelical Leader to Loving Parent & Fierce Advocate

  • Our Responsibility as Parents: Seven Key Points

  • Issues Every Parent Faces

  • Unclobbering the Clobber Passages - Old Testament

  • Unclobbering the Clobber Passages - New Testament

  • Love God & Love Others - But How?

  • Deconstructing the Common Arguments

  • Transgender and Intersex

  • Advocating Without Debating: A Look Beyond Theology

  • The Power of Community

  • Ten Things To Do Right Now & The Truth About Your Child

  • You Are on the Right Track: Leading From The Margins 

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