Celebrating One Million Views!

Our TEDx talk has just reached a million views!! What does that mean?

It means that every day we connect with thousands of people: Faith-based parents who need the right type of guidance to accept and affirm their LGBTQ child, instead of kicking them to the dangerous streets or sending them to deadly conversion therapy; LGBTQ people whose hearts long to hear words of love and belonging from a Mom or a Dad, and to know that God delights in them as they are and that they are beloved; Allies and advocates who seek effective resources to help those they serve; and people in church pews and pulpits who want to be fully inclusive and affirming.

FreedHearts has unique, powerful, comprehensive film, print and live resources; as well as vibrant, supportive, inclusive, loving community! We will soon launch expanded and exciting new programs!

We celebrate a million views with a renewed passion and commitment to being here for the next million—to change the human conversation on love and inclusion!

Here are just a few of the comments people have made...

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