Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Christmas Gift!

Hello, my friends. I Just want to share from my heart on this Christmas.

Jesus. Born to show us the heart of God. To love us. To give life. Not to condemn or judge us, but to show us how beautiful and worthy and included we are.

How like God to bring a gift in the form of a tiny and vulnerable baby, born to a couple of teenagers, in a cloud of scandal that never left them. No money, no power. Yet God entrusted to them a great blessing.

If you feel alone, marginalized, unloved -- God does not do that. People do that. Not God. Sometimes even friends and family do that, but not God.

God loves you, cares about you, wants to know how perfect you are - as you are.

My friend, don't listen to the naysayers. Don't let people tell you God doesn't love you, or that you're not included, or that you need to change to be right with God, or that you are somehow broken -- that is just not true.

God loves you. Please don't confuse others' assessment of you with God's.

Don't let anyone steal your Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas.

Love, Susan

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