What There Was and Wasn't at a Gay Wedding

I helped officiate a wedding last weekend.

I have known these two women for several years, they have been a great encouragement in Rob’s and my life. I was deeply honored that they asked me to play this special part in their wedding.

An absolute joy!

This was my third wedding to officiate, and all three weddings have been with female couples. I find that beautiful!

In each situation, those brides sought me out, because I had loved and supported them, and asked me to perform their weddings. There were flowers, and fancy dress, and cake, and gifts. There were friends and family and joy, and happy tears. And there was love and more love.

Here’s what there wasn’t...

There was no court order that forced me as a pastor to marry them against my will. No judge compelled me to go against my deeply held religious beliefs. No jury made me do anything I did not want to do. Such a thing never happens in real life, that pastors are forced to marry same-sex couples, or any couples, against their "deeply held religious beliefs."

All of that is just silliness, trotted out to scare people. Literally. It serves no other purpose because such a compulsion does not happen in the real world. To pretend it does is dishonest and mean.

The beauty of these women took my breath away. The power of the ceremony was something to behold. And I was extraordinarily honored.

My fourth wedding is on my calendar. To two women.

This is the stuff of life--to love together, celebrate together, laugh, cry, and make solemn vows with together. To, above all else, love.

Why in the world else would we be here?

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