"This small, 64-page book is a powerhouse of truth, love and life!"


Susan's critically acclaimed book: Radically Included: The Biblical Case for Radical Love and Inclusion - 49 Verses that will Change Your Life, Change Your Love, and Set Your Heart Free!


"The conservative, evangelical church believes itself to be fairly inclusive—after all, Jesus is radically inclusive! But as we found out when our daughter came out: too often, it’s not!

"I doubt this is breaking news, that many nonaffirming Christians marginalize, oppress, and exclude LGBTQI people—and even their families—based on 6 or 7 wrongly interpreted passages of scripture. Homelessness, substance abuse, suicide:
the results are tragic.

"I do a simple, precise standdown of the 7 'clobber passages' and I multiplied 7 times 7 to bring you 49 passages that show inclusion as the core message of the Gospel and the very heart of God. The Bible contains hundreds of passages that require love, justice, mercy, hope, encouragement, and trust in God!


"This book explores 49 of those passages to get at the heart of the gospel and the heart of how we are to respond both to the Bible and to the call to be Jesus in the world; 49 passages that will change your life, change your love, and set your heart free!


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Radically Included: The Biblical Case for Radical Love & Inclusion

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